'Vieques Babes'... by Richie Kessler


The 4 Panel ‘VQS-Babes' series’ are:


12 x 12 x 3/64” Chromalux Aluminum Panels, w/6 color SubliJet inks, and a rugged, yet silky smooth, polymer coating. They have a 100 plus year lifespan.


They also have a stand-off panel on the back with a cutout for convenient wall hanging. The ½” deep standoff panel makes them seem to float off the wall.


Currently... the ‘VQS-Babes’ are on display, and available for purchase, at the:


Siddhia Hutchinson-Glen Wielgus Gallery


Hotel Carmen, ground floor

Calle Munoz Rivera 123

Main Street, Isabel 2, Vieques, PR



< https://hutchinsonwielgusgallery.com/ >


Please direct all inquiries to the Gallery.

**To view other works by Richie Kessler < http://starbeing-heartsun.com >


Muchas Gracias !  Thank you !

All images: ©Richie Kessler, © 1-NRG.com